Product FAQs

General Questions

What is the Food button for?

This changes the seal level for type of food - moist or dry. Liquids can be drawn up by the vacuum process and liquids between the layers of the bag can have a cooling effect on the heat seal. Adjustable Food Settings Seal Level can extend the seal time to compensate for liquid and create a secure, reliable and air-tight seal.

Hint: When vacuum sealing very moist foods such as stew, try letting the bag hang lower than the unit, by placing it on an open top kitchen drawer. Hit the seal button once you see liquids start to move up the bag. When sealing large volumes of liquid, it is normal to have some air bubbles remain in the bag.

What is the PulseVac feature?

Pulse Vac is available on select models only. PulseVac™ allows manual starting and stopping of vacuum, for optimal control of air removal, which prevents crushing of delicate foods such as baked goods and potato chips.

For your own safety, always follow these basic precautions when using a FoodSaver® appliance.

Read Quick Start and User Manual carefully for operating instructions. Do not use appliance on wet or hot surfaces, or near a heat source. Do not immerse any part of appliance, power cord or plug in water or other liquid. To disconnect, unplug power cord from electrical outlet. Do not disconnect by pulling on cord. Do not operate appliance with a damaged power cord or plug. Do not operate appliance if it malfunctions or is in any way damaged. If cord or appliance is damaged, you can return it to an authorized service center for repair. For details, contact Consumer Services at number 1-877-777-8042. Use appliance only for its intended use. Closely supervise children when using any electrical appliance. Do not allow appliance to be used as a toy. 120v Appliances Only: The FoodSaver® appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce risk of electrical shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify plug in any way. Caution: A short power cord is provided to reduce risks from entanglement or tripping over a longer cord. An extension cord may be used when marked electrical rating is no less than electrical rating of this appliance. The extension cord should not drape over counter or tabletop where it can be tripped over or pulled on unintentionally, especially by children.

How do I know when full vacuum has been achieved?

Wait for the vacuum cycle to end (when the sound stops) and the appliance light turns off. Once that happens, you can remove the accessory hose from the bottle stopper. The vacuum packaging is now complete.