Product FAQs

Pantry Storage

Baked Goods

To vacuum package soft or airy baked goods, we recommend using a FoodSaver® Canister so they will hold their shape. To save time, make cookie dough, pie shells and whole pies, or mix dry ingredients in advance and vacuum package for later use.

Can potato chip or pretzel bags be used in the FoodSaver® appliance?

You can use your FoodSaver® appliance for re-sealing Mylar-type (strong, thin polyester) or stiff plastic bags. You can re-seal potato chip and pretzel bags, but do not vacuum them as you will crush the contents. Zipped storage bags and other plastic bags cannot be used due to the amount of heat generated when sealing the bags. Doing so may cause damage to your unit.

To reseal a chip bag, first cut the factory seal using scissors or the bag roll cutter. Ensure the open end of the bag is straight and smooth and allow at least three inches of empty space. Press the Seal button and insert the bag into the vacuum channel. Continue to hold the bag while the appliance clamps the bag.

Coffee or Tea

When vacuum packaging coffee in a Round Canister, place a coffee filter or napkin on top of the coffee before placing the lid on the canister. This will prevent the oil in the coffee (ground or beans) from being drawn up into the seal area and allow for a good seal every time. Loose tea stays fresher when vacuum packaged in a FoodSaver® bag after each use, and you can seal tea bags in your FoodSaver® canisters for ultimate freshness.

Preserving Wine and Other Liquids

Reusable and easy to use and clean, FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers will keep partially consumed bottles of wine fresh and great-tasting 5x longer than just re-corking the bottle. Bottle stoppers can also help you keep your favorite gourmet liqueurs, vinegars and oils fresher longer, because they keep out the oxygen that creates "off" flavors. To vacuum package non-carbonated bottled liquids, you can use a FoodSaver® Bottle Stopper with the original container. Remember to leave at least one inch of room between contents and bottom of Bottle Stopper, then re-seal bottles after each use.

Snack Foods

Your snack foods will maintain their freshness longer when you vacuum package them nobody likes stale crackers or soggy popcorn! For best results, use a FoodSaver® Canister for crushable items like cookies, crackers and chips. Buy these items in large money-saving sizes and vacuum package in our 2-, 4-, and 6-quart bulk canisters to keep them fresh for weeks. For shorter-term storage, simply seal the top of the original bag with your vacuum sealer.