Product FAQs

FM5400 Series

What is the Difference between Marinate Feature and Accessory Feature?

The Marinate Feature can only be used with Canisters specifically built for the marinate function everything else will use the Accessory Function. The Marinate Feature is intended to speed up the Marinate process. The Accessory Feature is intended to pull a vacuum with your Retractable handheld Sealer and can be used on Containers and Zipper Bags. Note: Both Features pull a vacuum to the proper internal setting. Cannot use the Pulse Vac Feature with these functions.

Why use Dry mode?

Dry mode should be your default mode, only use moist when you know you will have wet seals.

My FoodSaver® appliance vacuum pump will not start. Why?

First, verify that your appliance is plugged in and turned on by the power button. Make sure when you are ready to seal you press the Push to Vacuum and Seal Bar on both sides. Also, if the Removable Drip Tray is filled the vacuum will not start; you will instead see the Dry and Moist Feature flash a light indicating to clean it out and dry it off. Note if the Red Seal light is on you will not be able to vacuum, you would need to wait till it goes off.

How do I know when full vacuum has been achieved?

Once you have pressed the “Push to Vacuum and Seal Bar” the appliance will begin to vacuum the bag automatically, and then will switch to sealing automatically when the proper amount of vacuum level has been reached.

My FoodSaver® appliance will not seal. What's wrong?

Make sure you go over all above scenarios, if the Seal light flashes when sealing it means unit is overheated, wait a few minutes and try again.

Why does my bag lose its seal?

If you notice your bag is losing its seal, double-check that there isn’t too much liquid in the bag, any small pinholes or punctures. Also check for wrinkles where the bag is sealed. This is a result of poor bag placement in the machine. To assure that the bag is properly placed over the heater bar, make sure top of bag is hanging over the Removable Drip Tray so that the appliance can make a proper seal.

Why does my appliance smell bad?

Make sure that your Removable Drip Tray, Gaskets, and Seal Profiles are properly cleaned so that there are no food residues leaving any lingering odors.

What is the Pulse Vac Feature for?

Pulse Vac allows manual starting and stopping of vacuum, for optimal control of air removal, which prevents crushing of delicate foods such as baked goods or potato chips. Hint: Once you are satisfied with the amount of air removed, press the Seal button to secure your bag.

Why isn’t my appliance vacuum pulling the air out of my bag?

If the vacuum pump runs without pulling or sealing, make sure you’ve allowed enough room at the top of the bag (refer to Quick Start Guide for instruction).Also, Check to see that the top of the bag is hanging over the Removable Drip Tray. Double-check that Gaskets are all clean and free of tear (both top and bottom), it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth. If none of the above work, replace food into a new bag in case of hole or damaged bag. Make sure that the part of the bag that is fed into the window is not wrinkled. This can also occur if the machine seal bar has overheated. In this case, it will pre-seal the bag before all of the air has been removed. Wait several minutes for unit to cool down.

What is the Food Button for?

The Food button is used to indicate which type of food you are attempting to seal, Moist or Dry Food. Hint: Moist Mode Setting will heat the seal longer than in Dry Mode, so that any added moisture is evaporated.

Why is my Red Seal Light flashing?

The Unit is overheated. Always allow 20 seconds between seals. Under heavy usage, appliance will shut off automatically and Red Light will flash. Wait several minutes for unit to cool down.

Why does my Vacuum View Window close when I press the Accessory Button?

You will notice when using the Retractable Handheld Sealer that the Vacuum View Window closes when pressing the Accessory Button. This happens in order to seal the Vacuum chamber and create a Vacuum.

Can you replace Gaskets?

You cannot replace Gaskets however you can replace the Upper and Lower Seal Profiles (Defined in Instruction Book), located on both the Vacuum View Window and inside the Lower Seal and Cut Bar. The Seal Profile is used to provide a good heat-seal.

Why does the Red Seal Light come on when I turn the lever to seal?

It is part of the Express Bag Making Process. The first time you load a roll, you will need to make a seal by turning the Lever located on the right side of the Lower Seal and Cut Bar. Once the red light is turned off, you will then be able to Unlock and pull the bag to your desired length. When you are ready to cut the bag turn the Lever back to the Seal function, so that the next use will already have a seal made.

My Accessory Feature won’t vacuum from Retractable Handheld Sealer?

Make sure your Retractable Handheld Sealer is properly placed over Valve of Bag or Container and held in position. Double-check that gaskets are not damaged; this may cause a leak in the Vacuum Chamber resulting in lack of proper Vacuum pressure. Make sure to always hold the handheld device in the upright position while in operation. It is designed with a “float” mechanism to stop the flow of air if an excessive amount of liquid is pulled into the reservoir. Turning the handheld on its side or upside down can cause this float to activate, thus stopping vacuum to be pulled.

Why use Moist Mode?

You would use the Moist Feature if you are attempting to seal foods that have any liquids or possible moisture in the bag. Not including soups and sauces. The appliance will pull any added moisture into the Removable Drip Tray. Also, the Heater Bar will adjust its heat level to secure a seal with any added moisture.