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Gift Guide: For the Frugal Food Buyer

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What do you get for grocery store super stars? Well, there are plenty of tricks and tools you can tune them into if they haven't heard the good word yet. With the holiday season right around the corner and a big Thanksgiving meal in the future, they might appreciate a few nifty gifts ahead of schedule.

Here's what you should be looking into.

The FoodSaver® 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System

This vacuum sealer is the frugal foodie's one-stop-shop for saving all kitchen items.This vacuum sealer is the frugal foodie's one-stop-shop for saving every kitchen item.

They may already vacuum seal some of their leftovers, but what about jars, containers, wine bottles and more? With the FoodSaver® 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System, all your fresh-saving bases are covered. It's sleek, simple and incredibly easy to use - perfect for any frugal foodie! Not to mention, this vacuum sealer comes with a whole plethora of FoodSaver® bags and rolls. Other than the bow, it has everything necessary for a delightful gift for the budgeting food buyer.

Go For Some Accessories
Of course, the true kitchen budgeting experts likely already have one of these vacuum sealers. Can you blame them?

What they might not have are the accessories that go well with it. This is where a FoodSaver® Jar Sealer and a stockpile of Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars can really wow while giving a gift. Don't forget a FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set for all of their pantry needs or some FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers for the certified sommeliers.

Remember, bottle stoppers are perfect for saving herbs and oils, too!Remember, bottle stoppers are perfect for saving herbs