Système d'emballage sous vide FoodSaverᴹᴰ V2244

Système d'emballage sous vide FoodSaverᴹᴰ V2244


Foodsaver FSFSSL2244-033
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La trousse de départ inclut :

  • 1 rouleau FoodSaverMD de 11 po x 10 pi
  • 3 sacs FoodSaverMD de 1 pinte
  • 2 sacs FoodSaverMD de 1 gallon
  • Tuyau pour accessoire

Le système d'emballage sous vide FoodSaverᴹᴰ V2244 préserve la fraîcheur des aliments jusqu'à 5 fois plus longtemps.

Spécifications du produit

  • Dimensions: h: 4.13 po x l: 6.10 po x  P 15.75 po
  • Longueur de la corde: 30 po
  • Poids: 3.4 li
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Additional Information

Le système d'emballage sous vide FoodSaverMD V2244 combine formes et fonctions au sein d'un boîtier compact. Son opération manuelle assure une grande facilité d'utilisation, tandis que ses réglages et modes polyvalents permettent le scellement d'une variété d'aliments au moyen de sacs, de rouleaux et de divers accessoires.
  • Boitier compact a operation manuelle
  • Scellement instantane CrushFreeMC protegeant les aliments delicats
  • Ramasse-gouttes brevete amovible pouvant etre nettoye au lave-vaisselle
  • Port et tuyau pour accessoire permettant le scellement des boites et la marinade rapide des aliments, en seulement quelques minutes
  • Garantie limitee de 1 an
  • *Donnees recueillies aux Etats-Unis
Système d'emballage sous vide FoodSaverᴹᴰ V2244 est évalué 4.2 de 5 de 713.
Rated 5 de 5 de par Love the Foodsaver! My boyfriend and I used to freeze everything with ziplock bags or plastic containers. I purchased the food saver as a means for us to save money and reduce waste. This product accomplished both. It takes a couple of practice tries before getting down the process. But, once you get the bag size for what you are trying to preserve it's great fun! We now food save everything. It was interesting trying to freeze save soups and sour kraut and pork as the juices get sucked up in the process and may be difficult to seal. But again, it's all in the size of the bag! I would recommend the food saver to anyone! In fact, that was the gift of choice this Christmas! Happy Food Saving!
Date de publication: 2014-01-19
Rated 5 de 5 de par Indespensible appliance for singles. My FoodSaver is as important as my fridge. For those folks who live alone, the FoodSaver and its accessories make a hand in glove combo with a freezer and refrigerator. Pays for its self by reducing spoilage and extending life for leftovers. Great for storing bulk items such as rice, grits, flour,etc. Have been using the product for years and will continue while giving it to family members as well. The new accessory for use with both bags and canisters is genius, even being attached to the marvelous main unit. My great grandmother appreciated the invention of sliced bread. My great grandchildren will appreciate equally the FoodSaver.
Date de publication: 2015-11-06
Rated 4 de 5 de par Great option for saving money! This is a great small appliance to have in the house. We know that buying food in bulk is a cost savings option. You can save money by purchasing food in bulk and then vacuum sealing the extra food for another day. This really helps cut down on spoiled and wasted food because it allows you to package the food in smaller portions so you only need to use what you want. I really recommend this vacuum sealer to anyone as you will come to love it. I was given this model as a sample and truly do recommend the product as I have purchased other models in the past for true-life comparison. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-07
Rated 5 de 5 de par Love it! I absolutely love my FoodSaver! I am so excited that I was able to get the deal that was offered on their facebook page about a month ago. It's made my life easier by allowing me to buy in bulk when food is on sale- no more throwing freezer burned food away! It's also fantastic for pre-made meals- just pop them in the oven and dinner is ready in a flash! I cannot wait to purchase more accessories- like the wide mouth jar sealer! It works wonderfully with the canisters and the deli containers- seriously, cannot say enough good things about the FoodSaver system! Worth every penny!
Date de publication: 2012-03-13
Rated 5 de 5 de par Amazing Small Appliance This vacuum sealer is great! I loved that fact that you can make the bags from a roll instead of buying a quart size bags and using a small portion of it. I like also the small size of the machine and the fact you have the option to vacuum and seal or just seal especially when sealing items you do not want crushed! I think the store status is smart so you won't mess up any part when in storage. The drip tray is easy to clean. One thing I wish is that the cord was a bit longer. It would make it a little more convenient for crowded countertops. It is an all around great machine that truly keeps food fresh. This product was given to me to sample and it is a keeper. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-06
Rated 5 de 5 de par Yes it really is a food saver !!! I have used the FM 2000 food saver for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it. I have packaged for the freezer cheese, hamburgers,chicken and even some celery for the fridge each time it's sealed and took the air out perfectly. The other thing I found the sealer can do is reseal potato chip bags. The one thing that this food saver does not have is a bag cutter that would be a plus but I think some of the other food savers do have that. It just depends on how important that is for you. I definitely would recommend this food saver to anyone I have recommended this to a few friends. (I received this product as a sample to review ) now I can't do without it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-05
Rated 5 de 5 de par Simpler is Better! I owned one of the fancy stand-up automatic-start FoodSavers, model V3840, years ago and it ended up in the closet until I gave it away. It had way to many bells and whistles, lights and buttons for me. I wanted something really simple and light weight that I could jerk out of the pantry easily (this way it doesn't take up any valuable counter real estate) and go to work sealing my groceries. This economy FoodSaver, model V2244, far exceeded my previous one and I use it a lot! It has a simple lid that lifts so you can rest your bag onto the sealing/vacuuming platform. Close the lid, lock with the lever on one side...push one (1) button and in a few're done! I also use the seal feature of the other button for chip perfectly. Very good, ergonomic, simple design...Love it!
Date de publication: 2014-04-03
Rated 4 de 5 de par Great update to the food saver I really enjoy the features that the FM2000 has. First of all, it has a pretty small footprint. I use the unit at least once or twice a week, so I need to have it readily available, not stashed away in a cupboard or closet. It doesn't take up a lot of space, and the new sleek black exterior looks great with our kitchen decor and appliances. The bags are quite easy to make, and can be made in any size from the rolls by simply cutting off just the amount that I need. Th sealing process is quick and easy, and it keep my food fresh in the freezer. I think this unit is a great value, and has become in indispensable part of our kitchen. I received the FM2000 as a sample to review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-11
Rated 5 de 5 de par great system works like a charm this is the first vacuum sealer for our family.always wanted but never was too sure.finally bought one, and wish i had years ago,vacuumed everything in sight i love it ,now can buy in bulk and not waste,always have fresh meat in freezer.also purchased wide mouth jar sealer for my dry goods and liquids. seals every time i ve have no jars or bags loose there seal great machine and i use quite often i love it .wish i would have gotten years ago.makes me sick thinking how much we have wasted in the past.cant wait to upgrade to a more featured model. but this is a great well made no frills machine that works great i use it every day.dont wait as i did. buy one well worth the money
Date de publication: 2013-12-19
Rated 5 de 5 de par Simpler is better This is our 3rd FoodSaver. It's similar to the older 1st model we had. When our 1st model burned out we bought a newer "automatic" model that used a lot more bag material, took up more space, and would fail to seal every so often - bottom line was a lot of wasted bag material. It was still working, but I got annoyed at all the waste so I bought this model which works like our older model. So, I packed up the "automatic" model and stored in the attic as a backup. So far, we're very happy with the smaller "manual" FM2000 - hasn't failed to vacuum seal even once.
Date de publication: 2015-06-28
Rated 2 de 5 de par I would rate this model Fair in most categories This product is not as user friendly as the one we had for 15 years+ which I would have rated EXCELLENT. The vacuum seal does not always seal totally across and we found several that had unsealed when put into freezer. Also, the bags which came along with the product were smooth on both sides on the outside which may have contributed to this. The food saver bags I purchased had the outside one side rough and one side smooth which seem to seal better. This may have been the problem.
Date de publication: 2015-09-03
Rated 5 de 5 de par Great product! Money saver and small footprint I really like the FM2000. It is very easy to use and works great. I mostly use it when I buy bulk meat and want to split it into smaller packages for me and my husband It saves me a ton of money. It is smaller than the previous vacuum sealer that I have used, which works well for me because I have very limited counter space. I really like the black color. It looks good in my kitchen, however it does show fingerprints. But a quick wipe of a towel and it looks good as new again. I was given this product to review but it has no impact on my review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-07
Rated 1 de 5 de par Big Disappointment I gave myself this as a Christmas gift. It stayed in the box until last month. The first use was great! I attempted to use it this morning and it was a total bust! The sealer did not remove any air from the bag! All directions were followed to the letter. (I even used a ruled to ensure there was 4 in at each end and did not overfill.) Thankfully I had traditional freezer bags on hand! Now I'm stuck with a non-functioning machine. This is totally unacceptable! This is not a cheap purchase/gift and to have it work only one time is horrible. I wish that I had read these reviews before purchasing.
Date de publication: 2020-05-03
Rated 4 de 5 de par Good Product for the value Overall I was extremely impressed with this product. It was cheaper than other like items, and as far as I can tell provided the same end result, vacuum sealed food. My only complaint is that due to how the product seals you have to waste a lot of the bags, or have to use a bigger bag than what is actually needed in order for the bag to reach where the sealer is on the machine. If the front of the machine was slightly slimmer it would allow for less bag to be needed. I received this product as a sample product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Date de publication: 2014-09-08
Rated 5 de 5 de par Simple compact operation I was grateful to REPLACE a previous system with exactly what I already knew how to operate. I did not need the "extras" of storing the bags in the dispenser as that took up more counter space, nor the different available cannisters to seal.. This model still fits neatly in the drawer out of sight. And it cost less here than on Amazon!
Date de publication: 2018-10-19
Rated 4 de 5 de par this unit was a replacement for my 15 year model happy just to have a working unit, but a little weak...vacuum isn't as robust, especially on bags, mason jars work very well. like the new catch trough for juices and the feature that allows me to do something else while the unit works. a little slow, but maybe i just needed a better model. i was looking for a small unit because i travel and vacuum when i buy things to send home, so it was necessary for the size, the weight was an added bonus in this respect.
Date de publication: 2014-01-05
Rated 5 de 5 de par Easy to use and saves money This is the first product of this kind I have used, makes it really easy to repack meat for the freezer when I get it on sale. Haven't used it to package fresh veges yet as I just got it at Christmas time. I raise a garden every year so I will be able to freeze fresh vegges too. So far it is saving me a lot on the cost of groceries. It is really easy to use so I keep it on my counter where I can just seal anything for the freezer or fridge. I even packaged some leftover B-B-Q and it worked just great. I am so glad I got it.
Date de publication: 2014-01-17
Rated 2 de 5 de par Bring back the old models We have used a foodsaver for over 30 years. I have now purchased 3 different versions to replace the first one. My husband liked the first model we had with built in cutter, and manual seal with no lock on the side. He liked having control of the sealing. I really liked the version I had before this that allowed me to pause, etc. But he occasionally wanted to seal something with a smaller sealing margin, so I gave away the sealer I bought last year and got him this one for Christmas. He hates the lock. Please bring back a sealer with no lock that can give the user some control over the sealing margin!
Date de publication: 2018-01-06
Rated 4 de 5 de par Good replacement for older Food Saver Had an older food saver that finally wouldn't seal any longer. I ordered this one because I wanted a smaller unit that fit in my cupboard not one that sat on the counter. It is lighter than the old one. Pluses; It makes a wider sealed strip so I can easily see that it is completely sealed. Minuses; It has a lever on the right side that you push down at the back to close the lid. I have to push very hard to lock it in place. In fact the first time I used it I thought the machine was defective because it wasn't sealing. I was afraid to push too hard on the lever for fear of breaking it. BUT you do have to push hard to get it to latch - you can hear it click. HOWEVER, I wonder how long it will last because of the force used to latch it. It does a fine job of sealing & is a good choice, so far, for my old Food Saver.
Date de publication: 2011-04-28
Rated 5 de 5 de par Wouldnt vacum, then figured it out! Couldnt figure it out. Sealed exceptionally well, but wouldnt vacum no matter how far I inserted the bag, which I made from the roll. Then, looked closely at the texture of the bag. AhHA! See those little wavy lines running across the bag? I had them running paralell to the sealer machine, so it was trying to draw a suction across those lines, rather than WITH them. Once I turned the bag 90 degrees, so those wavy lines were running PERPENDICULAR to the machine, it worked like a dream. Yay! So I just had to adjust my bag designs to still get the most efficient use of the bag material. NOW I love my new vacum sealer.
Date de publication: 2016-12-31
Rated 5 de 5 de par Food-saver 2200 Just bought my food saver and I love it. I hunt and process my own deer, this is the first year to use the food saver and I love it. Packages are flat no air and they stack great in the freezer. That's for a great product. Mickey T.
Date de publication: 2013-11-11
Rated 1 de 5 de par cheaply made i got this v2244 model for christmas i used it in december using up th small roll of bags that came with it during dec. and january. i just got more bags for it as the store has been out everytime i have been there untill this month (april) now mind you i have only had it 4 months and when i tried using it this weekend it sealed 4 bags and i let it rest so as to not overheat it. i went back an hour later to bag some more and it bagged one good, the second one sealed but only removed half the air. then it woulndnt do anymore. my lord what good is this machine ...none to me!!!!
Date de publication: 2014-04-15
Rated 5 de 5 de par I like this even better than my first one !! I've had a food saver for about 10 years !! I use it - 3 or 4 times a day at least ! When my original one broke after 10 years , I knew I needed a new one and quick ! I didn't need all the bells and whistles but I knew a food saver brand would only due. I saw this model, Looked good except for the fact that it only comes in black. and purchased it. I love it. The only thing is the color. I wish you made them in some cool colors ! Red, Orange, Blue, be imaginative !! At least white. Oh, Well , It works great and the price is good !! I'm hoping it lasts as long as my first one !!!
Date de publication: 2013-10-18
Rated 4 de 5 de par Love it! I first purchased one of the pricier systems that automatically seal the bag and hold the rolls...I returned it because it was a pain in the butt and bulky! I like being able to seal the bag where I please and not loose 4 inches off of each seal! I like how small it is because I'd rather pull it out of the cabinet than have it always sitting out...I do wish it had a wet food or marinate option on it. Overall a great purchase!
Date de publication: 2014-04-12
Rated 5 de 5 de par I loved this Product! My Family and I used this product the first night that we got it. It was very easy to use. Even when it came to making bags from the rolls. My three year was even able to use it by himself. I would recommend this to anyone that is just wanting to buy in bulk and freeze to save on money. I could not tell you how much money we have threw out because of freezer burn from regular zipper bags. We have food saved a fish that my brother in-law is going to mount it looks like it did when we vaccum sealed it over a year ago.
Date de publication: 2010-12-06
Rated 5 de 5 de par Great Machine This is my 3rd vacuum sealer. The last one, which I had for several years, was working but not sealing great. I think over tome the sealer or vacuum tends to lose power, but they do last several years. This one works great.
Date de publication: 2018-09-20
Rated 5 de 5 de par Great Product In 1999 we purchased our first Food Saver and absolutely loved it! About two years ago it got sick and died. We immediately went out and bought this model. It is even better than the first Food Saver. It's so easy to use. I believe the people who gave it bad reviews by saying it only seals do not know how to use it properly.
Date de publication: 2011-02-18
Rated 4 de 5 de par Handy appliance for just about any home. I have had my FM2000 for about 2 weeks now. Everything was fine until yesterday and it would not vacuum. That's why the "good" for ease of use. Don't get ahead of yourself and stick the bag in too far over the drip tray. This morning I took my time and it worked just like it was suppose to. My daughter came for a visit and got her a gift card, so she could get one, also. Have not tried the attachment hose as of yet, so can't remark on it. As 1 review said, it's great for singles. Buy on sale, freeze it and save money. I even went and bought a small freezer for all my Food Saver foods.
Date de publication: 2016-02-19
Rated 1 de 5 de par Vacuum pump failed in first month of use I purchased this FS system and used it for three weeks, maybe 6 times in total. I watched many, many videos on the website and on Youtube, to make sure that I was using it properly. Well, the vacuum function stopped in week 3, and the customer service rep said it sounded like a malfunctioning vacuum pump. I returned it right away, and the original delivery date for a replacement unit was 2 weeks. Updates tell me it will be here just shy of that. I am disappointed in the customer service. That replacement machine should have been sent to me with faster delivery. If I had bought the unit at Walmart I would have had a new machine that same day. Needless to say, I cannot recommend purchases from the website. We'll see how the replacement machine does.
Date de publication: 2018-06-09
Rated 5 de 5 de par Works great, will pay for it self in no time. Had the Foodsaver for a month now and it works great. I purchased the starter kit which gives you everything you need to start sealing. Has a strong vacuum pump and seals works as advertised.
Date de publication: 2013-12-11
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