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Spring Clean Your Pantry

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No matter how organized you are by nature, the idea of spring cleaning gets pretty daunting once the snow starts to thaw. When it comes to cleaning your home, nothing else seems as groan-worthy as cleaning out the dreaded pantry.

While you might be concerned about what you'll find, the task isn't as daunting as it sounds. In fact, investing in FoodSaver® Fresh Containers is a great way to start. Here's how you can get your pantry in tip top shape this spring:

"Don't let a square inch go untouched."

Clear the shelves
To make improvements, sometimes you have to first create a - thankfully temporary - mess. With that in mind, clear out the entire pantry. Pile everything from the shelves onto the floor or kitchen table so you have ample room to move around. Bust out your cleaning arsenal and scrub down each shelf. This way, when you put your food back in the pantry, it'll be living in a joyously clean space. Brush all of those crumbs onto the floor, then sweep and mop. Once you've cleaned the space itself, you can start organizing all of the contents.

Throw things away
If you don't regularly clear out your pantry, chances are, you'll be throwing more things away than you'll be keeping. You'll be astounded by how much more space you have when you're finished! Check the expiration dates of everything you own, and if it's past its date, toss it. Even if you think that soup or pasta sauce will be good, if you haven't used it yet, you likely never will. Just throw it away and start anew. For items like spices, give them a sniff and see if they still have a strong scent. If the scent is fading, chances are they'll be a little bland when you try cooking with them. Smell your cooking oils as well. If the smell is off, throw them away too.

Keep similar items together in your pantry.Keep similar items together in your pantry.

Keep everything fresh 
If you have dry goods like rice, pasta or cereal in your refrigerator, they probably aren't staying as fresh as they could be housed in their original packaging. The FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System is the ultimate way to keep your pantry staples fresh. By vacuum sealing and keeping your dry goods in FoodSaver® Fresh Containers, you'll never forget about what you have. Plus, they're crack and shatter resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe, and stain and odor resistant. These and other features keep your food in great condition, even if you don't clean your pantry often. In fact, FoodSaver® Fresh Containers are guaranteed to keep your food fresh up to twice as long as their original packaging will.

By keeping your pantry organized, you'll always know what you have on hand and reduce the chance of food spoiling or going stale because you forgot what you have. Clear food storage like FoodSaver® Fresh Containers and Vacuum Zipper Bags make it simple to see what's in your pantry. Once you've vacuum sealed your fresh pantry foods, keep them organized by storing items that are similar together. For example, all condiments should be on the same shelf, and snacks that you pack in your children's lunches should all be together as well. FoodSaver® Fresh Containers make it easy- they're stackable, maintaining organization. As you replenish your pantry inventory, be sure to rotate what you already own. Keep the things that you use the most in the most convenient spots to reach.