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Send Valentine's Care Packages This Year

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Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to all of the people they love and hand-deliver some tasty baked goods each Valentine's Day. However, if your significant other is away on business, or your kids are at college, that doesn't mean you can't treat them to some of your signature cookies or brownies this V-Day. Luckily, sending sweets and treats to your loved ones is easier than it's ever been before. In addition to the process being simple, preserving your cookies in FoodSaver® Vacuum Seal bags ensure they're delivered as fresh as they were the day they were baked. Here's what you should know about sending treats this Valentine's Day:

Cookies travel well.The multi-layer protection in FoodSaver® bags keeps your baked treats fresh for Valentines Day

Allow for Cooling
Make sure you allow the cookies or breads to cool off before you seal them. They should be room temperature when you're putting them in the box or sealed bag to keep them in good condition.

Package Them Carefully
One of the great things about homemade desserts is that they don't have artificial preservatives. However, this also means that you have to be careful about the way you package the treats, so the love you baked in those cookies stays really fresh. Rather than opting for zipper bags or disposable containers, consider packing your signature goods in vacuum sealed FoodSaver® bags instead. These bags will keep the desserts fresh up to five times longer than the bags or plastic containers would. This will ensure they taste like they were just baked that day!

Vacuum sealing will help keep your treats intact, and you can even use the Pulse Vac feature to ensure they stay in good shape! Add some personality to your present and cushion the box with some colorful shredded paper or confetti, and enclosing a handwritten note. If you use custom-sized bags, you can even add a gift tag right to the bag! The post office staff member will also likely ask you if the box contains anything perishable, so you can add a label to the box too, making it clear that perishables are inside.

Keep Your Ingredients Fresh
FoodSaver® products are all you really need to make sure that your baked goods stay fresh - before and after baking. Any ingredients that you don't end up needing for your recipe can be stored in FoodSaver® Fresh Containers, or you can even freeze extra dough with the help of your vacuum sealer. This way, you can enjoy some sweet treats for yourself this Valentine's Day, too!