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Why You Should Vacuum Seal Board Games

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Whether you're an avid collector of antique board games, you host a game night on regular occasions or you have kids who like rolling dice and moving checkers, vacuum sealing board games can keep those pieces protected and looking like new for years.

Meat and veggies aren't the only things your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer is good at preserving. There are dozens of ways to use it at home if you get a little creative, and those new opportunities can save you a lot of money and provide convenience in the long run.

Seal Board Game Pieces so They Don't get Lost
Some games can't be played unless you have all the pieces together. You need all 52 cards for a decent game of Texas hold'em. In the same way, a whole board game could be made useless if just one card or item is misplaced.

Vacuum sealing those pieces together ensures that none of the essentials will lose their way tumbling around loosely in a box or in a bag that has a hole.

vacuum seal all those tiny pieces together so nothing gets misplaced.Vacuum seal all those tiny pieces together so nothing gets misplaced.

Keep Cards and Boards from Fading or Yellowing
After years in storage or being exposed to sunlight, your favorite board games and the cards that go with them will often become faded or even turn yellow after a few years or even months. You can give these papery items an extra bit of protection by carefully vacuum sealing them and storing them somewhere dark.

Believe it or not, vacuum seals and protection from light is how the Declaration of Independence has been kept intact for so many years, according to PBS. If it can work for one of the nation's priceless documents, it can work for your board games, too.