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Does it Vacuum Seal?

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Most people see the value in their FoodSaver® bags. They lock in freshness so you can save bulk buys effectively and avoid freezer burn. However, there are many more rolls and bags that accomplish particular tasks for any situation.

For example, the FoodSaver® Expandable Heat Seal Roll, are built to stretch and hug your food for an effective air tight seal. They're perfect for preserving your largest items without hassle.

Every FoodSaver® Brand product is made to be airtight, waterproof, microwave safe and tougher than your average plastic bag.

Next time you need some convincing, remember that these items can be vacuum sealed in a snap.

Large whole meals
Expandable heat seal rolls can package even the biggest dishes perfectly. Whole hog shoulders, large fish, casseroles with the whole tray and even turkeys can fit in the bags for perfect preservation. Click the link here for proof.

Expandable Heat Seal Roles can wrap up even the largest dishes, container and all!Expandable Heat Seal Rolls can wrap up even the largest dishes, container and all.

Vacuum sealing is the perfect solution for preserving and transporting large casseroles and whole dishes with ease.

Sharp objects are no problem
You might like hunting smaller birds like quail, but sealing and freezing them for later is no easy task. They often have very small, very sharp bones that compromise even the most durable bags. If there's any bag that can take the challenge, it's a FoodSaver® GameSaver® Heavy-Duty Heat-Seal Roll. It's a strong roll that will handle just about any job. That's because they have twice the puncture resistance and are 30 percent stronger than regular FoodSaver® GameSaver® bags. That makes them perfect for sealing game with exposed bones or hard shells.

Seal soups and other liquids

If you want to seal a slow cooker stew for later, grab a Foodsaver bag.If you want to seal a slow-cooker stew for later, grab a FoodSaver® bag.

If you weren't sure yet, yes, FoodSaver® bags create a waterproof seal. Some people forget that works both ways. Liquids inside a vacuum sealer bag won't leak or drip. For instance, you can vacuum seal soups with an easy step-by-step process.

  1. Freeze the soup in a container.
  2. Work the frozen soup out of the container and into a FoodSaver® brand bag.
  3. Vacuum seal it, and move it back into the freezer for an incredibly fresh homemade snack later.

This also helps preserve diced tomatoes, stews and more for months at a time.