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4 Inventive Ways to Use Your Ice Trays

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Your ice cube trays are among the most versatile tools in your kitchen. Sure, you can use them to create ice, soda slushies and popsicles, but there is a vast range of other foods and liquids that are well-suited for this storage tool.

Next time you empty your ice cube tray, try whipping up one of these inventive concoctions to keep in your freezer. After they're solid, store them for the long term using your vacuum sealer and a set of vacuum sealer bags.

1. Coffee Ice Cubes
Iced coffee fans know that if you don't drink your beverage quickly enough, the coffee can become watered down once the ice cubes start to melt. Instead of using normal ice to chill your drink, freeze coffee overnight in your ice cube tray, then use those cubes in the morning. This way, when they inevitably melt, you won't need to worry about a watered-down drink. 

2. Cookie Dough
The cubes in your ice cube tray are the perfect size for portions of your favorite cookie dough. After combining your ingredients, spoon your dough into each slot and freeze for several hours. Move the frozen pieces to a vacuum sealer bag and place them on an oven sheet when you're ready to cook them!

Spoon your cookie dough into ice cube trays to store with style.

3. Yogurt Fruit Blocks
Frozen yogurt is a favorite comfort food, so spoon some fresh yogurt into your tray, then top with fresh fruit. Once the blocks freeze, you'll be left with a delicious - and healthy - snack.

4. Ice Cream Cubes
Similarly, ice cream freezes well in an ice cube tray. Allow a container of ice cream to thaw for about 10 minutes, then spoon portions into your ice cream tray. The food will reharden, then act as an ideal addition to any milkshake, smoothie or ice cream sundae.