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How Long Can You Save It? [VIDEO]

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If you're a fan of bulk shopping, repurposing leftovers and saving money on your food budget, you probably know just how long your foods can last when preserved in plastic coverings. But vacuum sealer enthusiasts will be the first to let you know that these appliances can have a significant impact on the shelf life of your kitchen items.

In fact, your FoodSaver® brand products, like the FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System can make your foods last up to five times longer than those that have been stored traditionally.

When kept in your pantry, foods like flour and sugar can stay viable for several months. But when contained with your vacuum sealer, they can last up to two years. 

Made a fresh batch of cookies? Storing them in plastic bags or containers keep them safe for one week, but your vacuum sealer will keep them fresh for up to six weeks. 

In your fridge, coffee, meats, vegetables and fish will generally stay for six months maximum, but use your FoodSaver® product to extend that time period to two years. Similarly, fresh fruit, vegetables and cheeses can last four to eight months, as opposed to mere weeks with traditional storage.