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Keep The Dust Out: Vacuum Seal Your Holiday Decorations

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How long do you keep your holiday decorations up? Some people prefer to keep them up for a while and hold onto the holiday cheer. Others would rather take everything down a few days after the new year begins. They like to start fresh and that means cleaning the house from top to bottom.

No matter when you finally decide to take down the decorations, the same problem always presents itself. You have to pile everything into a big plastic container or cardboard box and carry it up into your attic or down into the basement. There, the decorations collect dust throughout the year, until it comes time again to bring them out - and upset the dust. If you don't want to trigger your allergies next holiday season, consider sealing your decorations using the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System. But it's not just about the dust, it's about gently preserving your cherished holiday decorations for many years to come. With the FoodSaver® system, your child's homemade Christmas decorations will look great year after year.

Step 1: Sorting
As you take down your decorations, separate them into piles of items you want to seal, and those you don't. The most important factor to consider when deciding which you'll seal is how each will benefit from being vacuum sealed. An artificial garland will shrink down significantly and thus save you some storage space, so it's a great candidate for sealing. A wooden nutcracker, on the other hand, will stay the same size and shape.

Delicate ornaments can be sealed, though it will take just a tiny little bit of extra work to ensure they don't get damaged on their way to storage. Keep them in their own pile.

Small decorations can be sealed into a single package.Small decorations can be sealed into a single package.

Step 2: Cleaning
You don't want to seal dust inside the package, so you should give all of your decorations a quick clean. For the majority of items, this just means wiping them down with a damp cloth. Let everything air dry before sealing.

Step 3: Sealing
Use FoodSaver® rolls for the best results. You can cut these to the proper size, which is perfect for dealing with oddly shaped decorations. For artificial wreaths and garlands, wrap them up as tight as you can without damaging them and vacuum seal them into tight packages. For delicate ornaments, arrange them together in a single bag - for instance, glass bulbs can be sorted into rows. Then use the PulseVac™ function to ease the air out of the bag with precise control. Store the finished product between sheets of foam or bubble wrap.

Next year, just wipe the bags with a damp towel to remove any dust, and take out the decorations.