Both the Upper Bag Detection Tray & Lower Drip Tray are removable for cleaning, and both are top-rack dishwasher safe. Empty Drip Tray after each use. Unplug before cleaning. Open front door of appliance by pulling towards you on both sides. Press gray Release Buttons and rotate housing away from you allowing housing to rest on the counter.

Remove Drip Tray by lifting the tabs on each end. The Upper Bag Detection Tray has two pivoting flags for bag detection. Remove Bag Detection Tray by lifting the tabs on each end. Do not pull on the Upper Bag Detection Flags to remove the Upper Bag Detection Tray. Wash trays in warm soapy water or place in top rack of dishwasher, allow trays to dry completely and replace into appliance.

Before closing appliance: Firmly snap the left side of the Lower Drip Tray down. Make sure the lower Foam Gasket is firmly seated into the gasket channel. Upper Bag Detection Tray MUST be inserted to use the appliance. Without the Upper Bag Detection Tray, your FoodSaver® appliance will not the detect bag when inserted in the Vacuum Channel.