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3 Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts You Can Make With Your Vacuum Sealer

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Everyone enjoys making a festive craft every once in a while. For St. Patrick's Day, get out your vacuum sealer, your glitter glue and your can-do spirit, because it's time to make some art.

These crafts are a lot of fun to complete with your young ones, so gather these materials and get to work on these fun St. Patrick's Day activities. 

"Crafts are great for getting your child's creative juices flowing."

1. Leprechaun-in-a-Bag
This is a great craft for creative thinkers. You'll be making paper doll leprechauns, so you'll want to print off a template for the little guy's body, a few hat options, some beards and - of course - clothes. After you've printed off individual items and cut each piece, place the components in a vacuum-sealer bag. You'll also want to include a glue stick, crayons, a piece of construction paper and any additional craft materials that may help decorate your leprechaun. 

Seal all the pieces in one bag so each person who makes a leprechaun has all the materials he or she needs, but you can't remove all the air or your materials will be crushed. Monitor your sealer and remove the bag while some air remains.

2. Dig for Gold
Looking for a party activity ideal for children and adults alike? Spray the contents of a shaving cream can into a vacuum-sealer bag, along with about six to seven drops of green food coloring and five gold coins. Use your hands to mix the ingredients together, then have each child search for gold coins. You can create one of these bags for each of the children in attendance. If you want to make these bags a few hours or days before the event, seal the contents with your vacuum sealer, but leave some air in the bag to prevent the shaving cream from becoming ruined.

Make your own pot at the end of the rainbow with your vacuum sealer.Make your own pot at the end of the rainbow with your vacuum sealer.

3. Candy Treat Jar
Think of this as the ultimate St. Patrick's Day party favor. In the bottom of a mason jar, place a handful of chocolate gold coins. Grab a bag of your favorite multicolored candies - Skittles and M&Ms work nicely, though not when combined - and separate them by color. Follow the rainbow when layering candies on top of the coins. You'll want red candies on the bottom, orange next, then yellow, green, blue and purple. Don't sweat it if your chosen candy doesn't have all the colors - make do with what you've got! Seal the contents with your FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer.