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Marinate Fish With Your Marinator

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Whether you've just reeled in and cleaned that big catch or you're buying something frozen at the store, marinating your fish using a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer and a Quick Marinator is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a fresh, tasty meal. Here's why.

Choose to Preseason or Marinate
First, remember that a vacuum sealer helps add a tremendous amount of flavor to your fish if you choose to preseason them instead of marinating. Having those two prep options available already puts you ahead in the kitchen.

Preseasoning your catch is incredibly simple, and perfect if you want to seal the fish well ahead of time and throw it straight on the grill later. That will do a lot to simplify your work before the barbecue, especially if you're preparing a lot of side dishes and spinning a lot of plates at once - in a manner of speaking. 

Vacuum seal preseasoned fish to prepare them for the grill.Vacuum seal preseasoned fish to prepare them for the grill.

Simply dab the fish with a two-ply paper towel, getting it as dry as possible, and sprinkle on a little seasoning. Add a few slices of lemon for some added flavor. Then, seal it all in a vacuum sealer bag. The seal will force some of that flavor right into the fish for a delicious meal later. 

Marinate in Minutes
Of course, if you're already itching to preheat the grill, there's a quick fix for adding a little flavor to your catch. Instead of preseasoning and bagging, toss your catch into the Quick Marinator and use a marinade of your choice.

A chef might tell you not to marinate your fish for too long. Thirty minutes is typically enough time for small fillets as well as larger cuts. Marinating for 45 minutes or over can affect the flavor and texture, making the cut feel slimy, especially if you're using a more acidic marinade.

With the Quick Marinator, you can prep the fish perfectly in under 10 minutes. With such a short time to marinate, it's easy to keep track of when you need to move the fish from the container to the skillet, and you can flavor your catch within the blink of an eye - perfect for an impromptu dinner with a special guest.