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What are the Benefits of Cooking Sous Vide with a Vacuum Sealer?

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It may just be the perfect way to thoroughly cook your steak exactly the way you want it, or prepare tender, fresh vegetables without degrading their consistency. Sous vide is catching on among kitchen savvy cooks, and there are dozens of reasons why it deserves to. 

First, take a look at what the cooking method accomplishes.

Cook at the Exact Temperature you Want
Sous vide is all about cooking bagged veggies and meat in a consistent temperature. That means there's very little room for error. If you keep the water heated at the right level, for the right time, there's no danger of over- or undercooking. 

Cook Thoroughly Without the Hassle
Think of the way you normally cook meats and veggies. A skillet is heated to well over 160 degrees, the food is tossed in, and you have to constantly flip and turn it to cook it all the way through. The surface of your beef, poultry or fish is either exposed to extreme heat on one side or the cooler open air on the other, and this ultimately changes the overall taste and texture.

On the other hand, sous vide cooks your food evenly from all sides. If you've never had a sous vide steak, the first thing you'll notice is the characteristic flavor and composition, and it might just change the way you do business in the kitchen altogether.

So now you know why the method is preferred, but how can your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer make a big difference in the process?

No Air, No Problem
First, it's absolutely critical you use a bag without any air bubbles while cooking sous vide. That gets tricky when you're using an ordinary bag. Even a tiny pocket of air can cause areas of your meat or veggies to cook differently from others. Or worse, the air can cause the bag to float and ruin the process. Vacuum sealers take the guess work out of the equation by taking out all the air themselves.

FoodSaver bags are perfect for locking out air and moisture for your sous vide needs.FoodSaver® bags are perfect for locking out air and moisture for your sous vide needs.

The Perfect Sous Vide Bag
Second, the structure of the bag can make a big difference as well. Water can seep through materials that aren't waterproof and ruin the consistency of the meal. Other bags are compromised at high temperatures and could break or even melt, which would destroy your food entirely.

Every FoodSaver® brand bag and roll is built to stand up to heat and moisture for sous vide cooking. Your food will be protected, and you'll never have to worry about a proper seal or ineffective materials again.