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Vacuum Seal Your Valuables for a Boat Trip

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Just when you thought your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer couldn't get any more useful in the great outdoors, here it is surprising you again. A vacuum sealing system is an angler's best friend. It's perfect for sealing up fish and keeping them fresh or consolidating the items you're carrying in a backpack, but did you know it can protect your valuables, too?

Everyone brings one or two things on the boat that would be destroyed if submerged in water. Whether it's your cellphone, jewelry or even your wallet, carrying those items with you can create constant anxiety on what should be a relaxing trip.

Not anymore. Seal up those belongings the same way you would a plate of pork chops and you can hit the water worry-free. 

Trust the Strong and Sturdy Vacuum Seal
It's going to take more than a little water to break into a FoodSaver® bag or roll. The multi-layer construction creates a barrier that water and air can't penetrate. That means you could splash a bag holding your phone all you like or even wade into the water with the device in your pocket without a care in the world.

Anything you don't want getting wet can be vacuum sealed for safekeeping.Anything you don't want getting wet can be vacuum sealed for safekeeping.

Pack up those electronics, but seal other things like fire starters, dry foods or anything else that would be ruined if exposed to a little moisture. It's great for fishing trips in shallow water or hiking when you fear it might rain. 

However, there's one more expert tip you should keep in mind for those deep sea expeditions.

Seal the Item, but Don't Vacuum all the Air Out
A tightly vacuum sealed valuable is just as vulnerable in the deep blue sea if it gets tossed overboard. Car keys, cellphones and other electronics will sink like a stone, and you'll need more than scuba gear to fish out anything a few hundred yards offshore. 

The solution: Make those valuables float. You can stow your belongings in a FoodSaver® bag and seal it without sucking all the air out to provide an airtight and waterproof seal that also has a little air inside. If you seal it correctly and your item isn't too dense, that air will keep your valuables floating right on the surface of the water in case they're tossed over. Test out the buoyancy of your sealed item before the trip and you'll never fear those deep waters again.