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How to Clean Stuffed Animals with Your Vacuum Sealer

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To children, stuffed animals are more than mere stuffing and fabric - they're best friends, companions, snuggle buddies and confidants. They stick with kids through thick and thin, whether they're venturing through obstacles in a playground or fighting off the flu.

"Wash stuffed animals every six months for best results."

The loyalty of your child's stuffed animal may not come into question, but its cleanliness should. They're shrouded in love, but they may also be covered in germs, dirt, grime and dust. Prevent your child from having to snuggle with a cesspool of sickness by cleaning their stuffed animals every six months or after a bout with an illness.

Sending your stuffed animal through the washer and dryer may be effective, but this process can be harsh on your gentle creatures. Instead, use your vacuum sealer to do the trick. Follow these steps to ensure your child's fluffy friends remain germ-free.

Step 1: Check the Animal for Tears
Before you can wash your stuffed animal, it's imperative that you check it for tears. Look for rips, loose limbs or stuffing leaks and repair any damage before washing, as these may grow worse during the process if not taken care of.

Step 2: Do an Initial Rinse
Run the animal under the faucet for a few minutes, gently rubbing dish soap in its fur. Wash the toy completely until the water runs clear.

Soak your stuffed animal in water before sealing.Soak your stuffed animal in water before sealing.

Step 3: Let the Toy Dry
Set the stuffed animal out to dry - preferably on a clothes hanger outdoors.

Step 4: Place It in a Vacuum Sealer Bag
It's crucial that the toy is completely dry when you move to this step. Let the stuffed animal dry overnight, then place it in a vacuum sealer bag.

Step 5: Add 1/2 Cup Baking Soda

Step 6: Seal the Bag for 30 Minutes
Using your vacuum sealer, remove some of the air from the bag. You'll want a little bit to remain so you can fully coat the animal in baking soda. When the bag is sealed, use your hands to shake it around a bit so the baking soda completely covers the stuffed animal.

Step 7: Brush Out the Baking Soda
After 30 minutes, open the seal and brush off the animal. Use a dry washcloth to remove any excess soda from its fur, as you don't want to return it to your child covered in powder.