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Use FoodSaver Freeze N' Steam Bags for Fast, Easy Meals

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Whether you're buying in bulk or harvesting all of your veggies from the garden, it's important to find the best way to seal up those foods to lock in the freshness.

Going from the freezer to the microwave, and keeping your food fresh and flavorful everywhere in between, is the FoodSaver® Freeze 'N Steam™ Microwave Quart Heal-Seal Cooking Bag's strong suit. It's made specifically for cooking convenience, and its special ventilated stand-up design makes filling the bags a breeze and microwaving even easier.

Here's how you can cut down on dinner prep time.

1. Pluck, Prep and Package
Whether you're picking a hearty helping of snap peas or a patch of peppers, it's best to rinse that harvest under some cold water. Then, cut your stems off, take those seeds out, chop into pieces or do whatever else you need to prep that food for easy eating. Put them right into a Freeze 'N Steam™ Microwave Quart Heal-Seal Cooking Bag, and you'll be ready to heat up fresh veggies in a snap at any time.

2. Add Seasoning
Before you seal up that bag and move to the freezer, make sure you add any seasonings you would like on those veggies. A touch of salt and pepper with your peas or a little lemon juice and garlic with that broccoli will make it even more flavorful after it leaves the microwave at dinner time.

Don't forget the seasonings! A little crushed red pepper and oil can add a spicy zing to broccoli.Don't forget the seasonings! A little crushed red pepper and oil can add a spicy zing to broccoli.

3. Seal and Save
Next, you're ready to lock in the freshness and move to the freezer. FoodSaver® Freeze 'N Steam™ Microwave Heal-Seal Cooking Bags seal like any other FoodSaver® brand bag. Take the air out, lock the bag up and move it to the freezer until you're ready to make dinner in the future.

4. Microwave and Serve
Now, making a delicious side dish is as easy as moving your food from the freezer to the microwave. Steam up those veggies in minutes, pour the bag into a serving bowl and enjoy!