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How to Preserve Easter Decorations

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Whether your Easter trinkets are as fragile as those painted eggs or not, you'll want to preserve those decorations safely and securely for the holiday next year. Packing up brightly colored ornaments and toys without care can leave them susceptible to dust, grime and the elements. Before you know it, those vibrant pastel shades will begin to fade and lose their luster. 

Luckily, sealing up those crafts can be quick and easy with a few simple steps, and taking them back out next year will be even easier after putting a little effort in. Here's the step-by-step procedure for storing the Easter frills like a professional.

1. Organize by type and fragility
Don't seal up dainty nests, replica eggs and soft knit materials together. This will make the clutter harder to unpack in the future and could put the fragile items at risk of breaking. Sort everything out beforehand. Categorize the items by how easily they can break, what material they're made of and type to streamline your decorating next year.

2. Break down and wrap up
Next, break down all the components to their simplest forms. Remove eggs from nests and take note of anything with fragile pieces. Next, wrap up those items that may chip or break if tumbled around. Ceramic bunnies are especially fragile around the ears. Cover these items in tissue paper before placing them securely into a vacuum sealer bag.

Fragile loose items like eggs should be wrapped and stored in appropriate hard-shell containers for extra unpacking ease next year.

Keep those colors bright by vacuum sealing decorations.Keep those colors bright by vacuum sealing decorations.

3. Seal knits and colorful items for perfect preservation
Knit items can absorb the musty smell of their storage place after months of loose storage. At the same time, colorful eggs and other accessories may become discolored if they're not stored correctly. A FoodSaver® Handheld Sealer can protect crafts from odors as well as the elements. Pack and seal them correctly and there won't be any reason to worry.

4. Store the decorations in the right spot
The only thing you want to be hunting for on Easter are those painted eggs, not your decorations. Pack up all your accessories in an area that's dark, dry and out of the way. If it's the same area you use to store other holiday decorations, make sure you label the boxes and bags to make your searching easier next season.