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How Long Can You Save Your Game?

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Hunting season is in full swing. While you've likely already loaded up on ammo and supplies for your hunting trip, it's important to prep your kitchen beforehand so you can properly store the game you bring back.

Whether it's rabbit season or duck season, it's time to learn about best practices concerning the proper preservation of your game.

Vacuum Seal Your Venison for the Long Haul
Managed to bring down that 12-point buck? As you're bringing your deer back from your trip, you must consider how you're going to keep all that meat stored over the next several months. Larger game will produce a greater amount of meat that needs to be stored, so once you've received the cuts from your catch, be sure you have enough room in your freezer to keep it all.

To ensure that your game lasts as long as possible, vacuum seal your cuts while they're still fresh. Using your FoodSaver® GameSaver® Outdoorsmen Kit is one of the best ways to make sure that your game remains viable in the long term, as the airtight sealing process ensures that harmful particles do not impact the integrity of your game. Preserving your venison this way extends its freezer life from 3-4 months to 2-2 1/2 years. 

The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommended that you begin by cutting your meat into the sizes you wish to eventually serve them, then initially freezing the cut for 2-3 hours on a baking sheet. The prefreezing process makes sure that harmful bacteria are effectively killed before long-term storage. Next, place the cuts in individual bags and seal them using your FoodSaver® GameSaver® vacuum sealer, then place in the freezer in an orderly fashion.

Find Out How Long Your Fish Will Last
Much like your venison or larger cuts, preserving your fish with a vacuum sealer will drastically elongate its shelf life in the freezer. Depending on the type of fish you wish to preserve, the method may change, but for the most part, your vacuum sealer will extend its shelf life by close to a year. 

Start by cutting your desired catch into your preferred size - fish can be sealed as a whole, if you prefer this way. Prefreeze your fish on an oven tray for 2-3 hours, then place your cuts in a vacuum bag for long-term storage. Review how long your specific fish can last in the freezer when stored with your vacuum sealer.