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Give the Gift of Home for Your Overseas Loved Ones

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There's nothing better than receiving a care package from home, especially if you're living thousands of miles away from your family. Whether your loved ones are studying abroad in Italy or serving overseas for the military, sending them a personalized gift package is a great way to show just how much you miss them while providing them with a few of their favorite trinkets from home.

Keep these tips in mind next time you plan to ship a gift to your overseas loved one.

1. Decorate the Inside of the Box
The contents of your package are important, but the box itself presents a perfect platform on which you can express your love for your international traveler. Consider adding paints, pictures, frills or relevant quotes. For inspiration, look to Pinterest for some crafty ideas and decoration tips.

2. Include Your Loved One's Favorite Foods
No gift package is complete without food! It's best to stick to nonperishable items that will last the duration of the journey overseas - the last thing you want is a box full of soggy or stinky things for your loved one. Some great foods that can stand the journey include party mix, homemade granola, candy bars and trail mix. 

Trail mix is perfect for shipping to your overseas loved one.

However, shipping perishable foods is not impossible. If you're looking to send homemade cookies, dishes or meals, you'll need to take more care in shipping your package. Prevent your food from spilling, spoiling or hardening by using a vacuum sealer to keep it contained. For items that need to be refrigerated, consider shipping them in dry ice or sturdy coolers.

3. Toss in Pictures and Letters
Your packaging is a great place to include that personal touch, but don't forget to include pictures and letters from the family. Print out some of your favorite pictures with your loved one or family, then frame them for the person to use in his or her home. Your loved one likely has access to email or texting while abroad, but include handwritten letters to add a more genuine feel to your package. 

4. Add the Essentials 
There are certain items your loved one is likely missing from the U.S. Stock up on the person's favorite shampoo, magazines or products that aren't sold in other countries. Include a few seasonal items to keep him or her warm this winter, like scarves, gloves or beanies.